Specialised in the production of high and very high-pressure valves

Starting from the 1960s, Mantovani S.p.A. started its specialization process in the field of high and very high-pressure valves for the petrochemical field, accruing an expertise and experience that today makes the company an internationally recognized and appreciated reference point for the leading companies in the sector.

Mantovani S.p.A. designs and manufactures high pressure  (up to 350 BAR) and very high pressure (up to 3,600 BAR) valves that are used in various fields including the petrochemical sector (Ammonia, Urea, Melamine and Polyethylene – Tubular and Vessel plants) and) and in other sectors (titanium valves). The production includes valves ranging from the Mantovani SpA original project to valves manufactured on a customer’s project for which the company holds a license. All valves are made by forging, so as to guarantee the highest quality standards and excellent performance, thanks to the use of valuable raw materials. Upon request, “cladded” valves at controlled temperature are manufactured.

The company’s production includes angle valves, check and globe valves; “on/off” (lockout) valves, regulating and safety valves. Each valve can moreover also be equipped with specific equipment, according to the specific requirements of each type and of each intended field, such as manually controlled, electrically controlled, pneumatically controlled and hydraulically controlled valves.

Mantovani S.p.A. provides the product revision services, technical consultancy and testing for the valves and for all types of similar valves.