History, passion and dedication to work in the High Pressure Systems field

Solidity, excellence and flexibility since 1919

Founded in 1919 in Brescia by Guido Mantovani as an artisan enterprise, the company is today a reference point for the design and production of high and very high-pressure valves for the petrochemical sector, for the construction of components for petrochemical plants, in addition to the production of mechanical devices and mechanical parts to be  used in the naval, energy, chemical and aeronautical fields.

Guided from the beginning of the 1970s by the Filippini and Salvo families, Mantovani S.p.A. has been constantly recognized by the international partners for its high-quality standards, that have been attained thanks to a solid and at the same time innovative company vision that believes in flexibility, continuous updating and specialization of its skills.

A century of progress

Solidity, reliability, excellence and flexibility are the company’s core values, which have been fully achieved over one hundred years of continuous and constant dedication and attention to the customer.

  • 1919

    foundation in Brescia, as an artisanal business enterprise, by Guido Mantovani
  • 1945

    association, still in existence, with AIB (Industrial Association of Brescia)
  • In the early

    collaborations in the field of high pressure started with Nuovo Pignone (now part of General Electric) and with leading Italian and international engineering companies in the sector, engaged in the first creation of petrochemical plants in Italy and abroad (including, ENICHEM now ENI / VERSALIS - SNAMPROGETTI now SAIPEM-TECHNIP).
  • Towards the
    end of the

    the company was organized as of a joint-stock company and successfully pursued its specialization in the field of high and very high pressure for the petrochemical sector, with particular reference to the manufacturing of valves.
  • 1974

    start of collaboration with Grandi Motori SpA (Trieste) for the production of components for diesel engines in the naval sector.
  • 1980s

    acquisition of Hydropower Srl company shares and subsequent merger by incorporation, which leads Mantovani Spa to implement its offer with the production of hydraulic presses and equipment. Launch of the collaboration with the Brescia headquartered company AQM Srl for testing and commissioning, which reiterates on one hand the deep link between the company and its territory and, on the other hand, its vocation towards internationalization that has always been present in the company’s DNA.
  • 1990s

    move into to the current headquarters of Gussago (BS) in via Mandolossa 110. Upgrade of the collaboration with the company Grandi Motori SpA for the construction of connecting rods for "Sulzer" ship engines.
  • 1996

    the company obtains the quality system certification, that has always been maintained over the years with a certificate issued by the DNV body (currently the latest version UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015).
  • 1998

    acquisition of the official ENICHEM (now ENI) license for the construction of valves and components for high pressure systems with the VESSEL process, which confirms the experience and specialization in the sector launched in the 1960s and which has never been interrupted. The designs and know-how owned by Mantovani guarantee the manufacturing of "certified" components from the original project of these specific plants that are present throughout the world.
  • 2000

    start of collaboration for the production of auxiliary engine components in nuclear power plants for the French national energy agency
  • 2019

    proud of the past and confident in the future, Mantovani SpA celebrates a century of profitable activity.

In over 100 years of activity, Mantovani Spa has been able to forge consolidated business relationships with more than 44 countries around the world.