Innovation, technology and traceability for an evolved market

Constant innovation and continuous search for cutting-edge technical and technological solutions aimed at achieving maximum manufacturing efficiency and guaranteeing the best performance in terms of reliability, efficacy and safety, have led Mantovani S.p.A. to equip itself with high tech machinery, implementing the company’s design and construction capacity and ensuring manufacturing flexibility and speed.

Quality control and traceability of processes and products are the cornerstone of Mantovani S.p.A., that are also made possible thanks to the use of latest generation systems that fully meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 and the market’s most evolved requirements.

Mantovani s.p.a. stands out for the wide range of its plant systems and machinery.

The following should be pointed out in particular:


  • 2 Berardi machining centres with continuously revolving continuous movement tables (2,500 × 1,600 mm with bi-rotary head and D’Andrea heads, with a range of up to 4,000 mm for x axis, 2,700 y, 700 z and 3,750 mm w);
  • 2 OKK machining centres (with tables of 800 and 1,250 respectively). The OKK 800 work centre represents one of the most recent investments and, combined with an automated warehouse with up to 7 FASTEMS pallets, meets the requirements of the so-called INDUSTRY 4.0 regulations.


  • IBARMIA ZVH58 L6000 for 5 axis machining with a fixed 1,050 × 6.000 mm table;
  • LAGUN CONCEPT MV12 3 axis;
  • LAGUN GMB31 3 axis.

TRADITIONAL LATHES AND CNC LATHES: there are 13 of these and they make it possible to machine pieces up to maximum length of 7,000 mm. The main machines are:

  • GEMINIS GHT9 G4 parallel lathe 1800×7000;
  • GEMINIS GHT6 G2 parallel lathe 1400×4000;
  • GEMINIS GHT5 G4 parallel lathe 1000×4000;
  • GEMINIS GHT5 G2 parallel lathe 1000×4000;
  • DMG MORI CTX BETALINEAR 800 parallel lathe C + Y axis;
  • DMG MORI CTX BETA 1250 parallel lathe C + Y axis;
  • 2 of CMZ TC35Y parallel lathe C + Y axis.

TURN AND MILL: DMG MORI CTX BETA2000TC with 5 axis simultaneous turning and a counter spindle for a 6 side complete machining.


METROLOGICAL ROOM (Global-Dea): among the various verification and control instruments, the recent construction of a weather room in which there is a DEA GLOBAL three-dimensional measuring machine.

OTHER PLANT SYSTEMS AND MACHINERY: rolling machines, tangential and CNC grinding machines, shot peening, sandblasting and welding.