Mechanical machining

The professional skills of the specialized staff and the production capacity of Mantovani SpA’s innovative technical resources supplied are placed at the disposal of customers who are looking for a competent and highly technological supplier for the production of mechanical machining for third parties. The company’s supply ranges from screws and nuts, works on pipes, threads of all types and valves, up to semi-finished products for carpentry and for plants in every sector (including automotive presses, components for wind power plants, hydraulic systems, etc.)

Mechanical components and parts

Designed for use in the naval, chemical, aeronautical and energy sectors, the mechanical components produced by Mantovani S.p.A. are the outcome of the experience and expertise accrued in the field of high and very high pressure and from the over-forty years collaboration with the company Grandi Motori (diesel engines for the naval sector), which have enabled the company to achieve a recognized excellence in machining. The company’s production includes: connecting rods, connecting rod heads, pistons, claddings and half-bearings, as well as nuts and stud bolts, control valves, valve seats, sprayers springs and rings.

Mantovani S.p.A.’s product engineering and industrialization skills have made it possible to actively and successfully cooperate in the development of components based on the customer’s design, fully meeting the specific needs of each destination area.